Kennel Sunlily's goals

We want to breed healthy and functional dogs, that loves to please its owner. The aussie is a beautiful looking dog that should also look beautiful on the inside, and that's one of our main goals. Our dogs is a part of our daily life and live together with us as family, and we want to keep it that way. 


To us the aussie should love to work and train together with its owner, and at the same time it should be able to look stunning and breathtaking in the showring. This breed is an allrounder, and we find it important to keep that in mind. 


The breed has a will to please, and should have durability to work all day, whether its on the fields, during agility or obedience or tracking, but it should also be able to take a day off. 


The mentality is quite important too! If the dog doesn't work in the everyday life, it's hard to be both owner and dog - and we all know that it should be a pleasure to live with a dog and not a burden. 

So in the end - our goal is to breed healthy, functional, moderate, social dogs with a will to please, and still look as fabulous as the aussie can be.


Our dogs are given Farmina and Vom&Hundemat, and are in the best showcondition using PlushPuppy.

We are located in Drangedal, Norway.

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